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FREquently asked questions

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What is the finishing of the wood?

All our solid wood comes planed and untreated. The surface is even and smooth enough for most projects but the edges may be a little rough from the saw. Some light sanding is required to prep for gluing, staining and varnish. 


Where do you source pine from?

Our Pine wood is from New Zealand and of knot-free grade.

What type of wood is suitable for outdoors?

We recommend Chengal, Balau and Teak wood for tropical climate.They are less susceptible to termites. Our wood comes untreated so we also recommend applying a few layers of weather resistant varnish to the wood to enjoy for longer.

What type of wood is suitable for carving/craft work?

Basswood / Empress wood or Paulowania is a popular soft hardwood in the west that is used widely for carving but it is not widely available in Singapore.In southeast Asia, we have Jelutong wood which is lesser known in the west but comparable to the softness and evenness of basswood. Our Jelutong comes from Malaysia.

Are the edges sharp and do you provide sanding services?

It is normal to have tear-outs on the edges of the wood piece due to way it is cut. This can be removed using a sandpaper block or file. We remove obvious broken chips but we don’t provide additional sanding or smoothening for wood plates and blocks purchases.


Why are there tiny holes on my Jelutong wood?

These are latex traces and a natural appearance of Jelutong. It can be covered with wood filler if a completely smooth surface is required, usually for painting but most people are happy to leave it as part of the aesthetic.


Why does my wood warp after the purchase?

Warping can be caused by a few reasons. A common one is a change in humidity and temperature in the environment that the wood is stored, affecting the moisture balance in the wood. As our wood is being seasoned and stored in a non-air conditioned indoor workshop in a tropical climate, 


A higher than normal moisture content present in the wood can also cause warping as the moisture evaporates over time.


It is normal for wood to have some moisture content even after it is seasoned and dried.


How can I keep wood for longer?

Store the wood so that the largest surface area rests completely flat and is in contact with a hard surface. Avoid places like direct sun or in places where temperature and humidity fluctuates for eg. Air-con room if it’s not used all the time.


What size does your solid wood plate/plank come in?

Standard width is 145mm and 195mm for most types of wood. Plate maximum thickness is 45mm for most wood. We have larger plate size for balau, jelutong, teak and chengal.


What is the cutting accuracy?

As most of the pieces are cut with a table saw and a surface planar, please allow a 1mm tolerance for all purchases.

Is there a minimum purchase?

There is no minimum order but generally the price is better when you order more, or an order maximises a standard wood plate size and plywood sheet sizes.


What is the standard sheet size for plywood and block board ?

4ft x 8ft




Order & Payment Related


How do I make an order?

Please make payment to confirm an order. Do send us a note preferably with a payment proof.

Please contact us via email for quotation.

What payment method do you accept?

We accept payment via Paynow, DBS Paylah and Bank Transfer.

Paynow or Paylah! : 97241702

Bank Transfer: UOB 701-306-742-6


Do you accept Cheque?

No, we only accept electronic payment (see above).

Are you GEBIZ registered?

Yes we are a Singapore registered government supplier under Gebiz. 


How long do I have to wait for my items to be ready?

Wooden plate and blocks can be fulfilled within 7-14 business days.

For larger orders, it can take 14-20 business days.


Do you deliver?

Free Delivery for orders $300 and above in Singapore. 

There’s a delivery charge of $50 for orders below $300.

For residential and commercial addresses, we only deliver to the lift lobby or loading bay. Please ensure there is a direct lift access and items can be fitted into the lifts before placing an order. We don’t deliver up and down stairs.


How would I know if my item is ready?

We will contact you via email or SMS when the item is ready for pickup at the Sungei Kadut workshop.


Where can I collect my items?

Please collect at our workshop at 38 Sungei Kadut Street 2, #02-A5,Singapore 729245. Please make an appointment with us before visiting.



We are located on the second floor of the white building of Senwan Innovation Hub at 38 Sungei Kadut Industrial Estate st 2.

When driving in, look for the white building and sign ‘Senwan Innovation Hub’. Drive up the ramp to the 2nd level and look for unit number A5.


What are the collection/visiting hours?

Workshop opening hours are:

weekdays 4.30-6.30pm

sat and sun 1.30-3.30pm

Please make an appointment with us before collection/visiting.

Is there warranty for my orders?

We request that our customers to check the items immediately after receiving. Any defects or questions should be directed to us within 7 days. We reserve the right to provide exchange.

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